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Let The Couple Dance by AnekiPacMan
Let The Couple Dance
I wanted to draw some chicks in dresses for practice because I never draw dresses. This is what happened and I didn't plan it at all. These are two of my characters Kore (red dress) and Sterling (green dress) from <da:thumb id="463777924">. I drew this on my msp19u that I got for my birthday! It's so cool to draw on a tablet monitor!!! XD

It's been forever since I was on dA...
Hide and Seek by AnekiPacMan
Hide and Seek
Yo Happy Halloween!
This is the first time I've drawn Princess Bubblegum and Marceline because I've never watched Adventure time until recently. If you know me of course these two would probably be my favorite. Since it was October I reminisced over the only "spooky scary" game I've ever played, Luigi's Mansion, so the background is sort of like the hallways in that game.

(I haven't been on here in so looooooong... So long that I freaked out when I saw the new interface of dA geez.)
I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! 
Blue by AnekiPacMan
School started a week ago for me and this is an assignment to describe yourself by your color (those color tests that group you by characteristics). I may have put too much effort in mine. Actually, yes I did, look at that top boarder man... I make my work fun.

Apparently "Blues" are the most favored of all the colors (that explains me in the middle). They're really emotional and care for friends before themselves, but if they're being used they lose their shit. When I read about it I seriously thought they were writing about me! :D Am I the only one who finds those color tests interesting?
8-20-14 Haircut by AnekiPacMan
8-20-14 Haircut
In the past, I didn't give a horses ass about my hair but now that I have a very distinct personality and style, I really fucking wanted a sexy ass A-line haircut. But THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I literally cried for the first time over my hair because I'm not at all comfortable with my round face with that short of hair (even though I wanted that in the past). Now that I really look into it, it's like those situations when people like a specific style or fashion and want to stick with it, but are forced in a different direction. I don't know which is worse, having to wear uncomfortable clothes that don't fit your personality or have a haircut that's basically permanent until it grows out again..... haircut.

I know I'm overreacting, but seriously, wouldn't you feel the same way?

-I especially like A line haircuts because it's like the letter A for Aneki yo-
How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist? Tell us your story through an art feature Journal!

First off, happy birthday deviantart you have some great, awful, and beautiful people on here. But mostly great.

I started on DeviantArt on July 22, 2011 on Aneki12 I don't know, one of my best friends showed me this site and I was like, "I'm too young!" Then she said, "Fuck it. I'm younger than you and I have one!" It was something like that and I got one. She's KonanFleep or KotanathePimp She doesn't go one here that often and it makes me sad :( because I can't always get on skype. Anyway I was twelve at the time and turning thirteen in December so I though no big deal, but I already signed up as whatever the fuck age I put. My first picture I posted was

I made it in Art Academy on the DS because I had no digital art software at the time. Obviously a big meh... but I met :dev
AmysYaoinYuriDreams: when I made more Zelda fan art. I was really glad because she's the first person I met online and she's chill awesome. Then I met even more people and tried to be more social, for the better.

My art started to improve around the time this was made

Then once I got a tablet, I really started to do digital art as I liked, even though they're not that great to me anymore... In fact my past account is not very great to me anymore... ANYWAYS
on my second year on dA, I started to do pony stuff which helped me a lot I think. So thanks for that. But it also stopped me in my tracks of improving once I reached that level. The first few drawings on AnekiPacMan where pretty meh as well. That's when I started to look at some artists because I haven't been looking at some very often as I would like, and as much as I did before. I had a long period of time chilling with the My Sims fandom because MySims. And I guess the artists in motivated me a lot so I started to make more MySims stuff, one of my personal favorites because it's funny

and of course I have that abandoned MySims KingDUMB comic (yo that bitch is going to be a thing when I finish moving).

Now, around the summer time of 2013, I was really feeling that I got extremely better. And I defiantly did because I was in the depressing time, which in all artist of the past, made their art strangely better (just kidding :P). But in all seriousness, the 2013-2014 school year changed my art in the best way because I was obsessed with art and animation again and I started to look at way more artists and practiced when I could.

You know what, those people that think dA is full of dreamers or unprofessional artists should shove it because it's full of people who love art and want to improve. What better way to do it by drawing and meeting other artist? I know for sure I still have a long way to go, but my art improvement in three years makes me excited for the next years to come. So yeah, DeviantArt, happy birthday.

Boom... I really liked this picture for some reason...
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I mostly draw ladies, girls, and cuties. Either from some crazy fandoms or my own original characters!

I'm working on a few things at the moment:
:bulletblue: MySims KingDUMB (parody comic of the game mysims kingdom by EA)
Yes, it's finally back with a new look! Check it out if you like the series and don't mind me ruining your childhood.

:bulletblue: 100 theme challenge pictures.
It's only a back-up if I'm inspiration less!

I'm starting to use tumblr (again)
So go here: for some extra or quick art that I don't want to put on deviantart!

REQUESTS: If you follow me and there's a funny/cool/stupid idea that comes up in your mind and don't want to draw it, send me a note and I will! Don't be shy, but don't ask me to do something that I'm not into (like anything I haven't drawn).

Buuuuut, if you want an art trade, we can do whatever!

What I Use:
Paint Tool Sai

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